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17 Kasım 2018, Cumartesi
One More Step From Usak University in Internationalization

One More Step From Usak University in Internationalization 

Prof. Dr. Ekrem Savaş, during his visit to Pakistan on 10-15 November, signed a bilateral cooperation and Mevlana Exchange Program with three major universities. During his visit to Pakistan, Rector Savaş joined the signing ceremony of the International Islamic University in Islamabad and signed a protocol of bilateral cooperation agreement that allows inter-university academic cooperation, the exchange of students and academic staff with Rector Prof. Dr. Ahmed YousifAhmed Al Draiweesh.

Inaugural Speech From Savaş

After his contacts in Islamabad, Prof. Dr. Savaş joined the conference ‘2018 International Mathematics and Mathematics Practices’ in Lahore to make inaugural speech and came together with Prof. Dr. Hassan Amir Shahile, the Rector of Government College University in Lahore to sign Mevlana Exchange Program agreement. After the conference, he moved to Sargodha City and signed a bilateral cooperation agreement with Dr. Ishtiaq Ahmad, the Rector of Sargodha University.

”Internationalization is Important“

Prof. Dr. Savaş made a statement about the topic: ‘We are pleased with the cooperation with the leading universities of Pakistan. As a result of these agreements, students and staff mobility can be provided between our university and University of International Islamic University, Sargodha University and Government College via Mevlana Exchange Program. Such collaborations are of importance to the internationalization objectives of higher education institutions.’