Ana Sayfa / Haberler / A Collaboration On Design Between Uşak University And Sialkot, The Leather Exporter City Of Pakistan
17 Ocak 2020, Cuma
A Collaboration On Design Between Uşak University And Sialkot, The Leather Exporter City Of Pakistan

Mevlana Protocol was signed between Uşak University and Pakistan Sialkot University which has undertaken important works in the field of university-industry collaboration. Mevlana Exchange Program Protocol and Memorandum of Cooperation allow both parties to exchange staff and students.

Rector Prof. Dr. Ekrem Savaş, Rector of Pakistan Sialkot University Prof. Dr. SaeedUl Hasan Chishti, Rector Consultant for International Relations Dr. Hassan Waseem, Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Adem Duru, and Vice Coordinators of Mevlana Exchange Program Office Assist. Prof. Tolga Kargın and Research Assistant S. Ece Gümüş Özuyar attended to the  signing ceremony held in the rectorate office. 

Sharing in Fashion Design

After the signing ceremony Prof.Dr. Savaş and Prof. Dr. Chishti exchanged ideas on joint projects and mutual visits. After the consultation, they visited DTS Design Center and got information about new designs. Rector  Chishti pointed out that he was very impressed with the work of the DTS design center and would be particularly pleased to work together in the field of Fashion Design. Rector Savaş stated that , "The agreement with Sialkot University was a very good development for the two universities. We are very pleased that the ties between our University and Sialkot University will be strengthened and we will cooperate in many activities and projects.” Prof.Dr. Savaş who pointed out that they attach great importance to the goal-oriented internationalization, which makes significant contributions to the development processes of our country, added that Through the Mevlana Exchange Program, a total of 8 thousand 521 students and academic staff exchanges took place between Turkish higher education institutions and higher education institutions of countries outside the European higher education area. Prof.Dr. Savaş stated that they had reached an agreement with universities in Pakistan within the scope of Mevlana Exchange Program immediately after he became the rector and 15 students and 19 faculty members came to our university with Mevlana Exchange Program last semester.  


Sialkot has 99% export

The city of Sialkot, where the export companies are located, and Sialkot University, which cooperates with the university and industry with these companies, starts to carry out studies on fashion design in DTS Design Center. Prof. Dr. Savaş who noted that they made project-oriented collaborations with the universities where the agreement was reached, said, “Sialkot University in Pakistan is performing the university-industry cooperation very well. As a university that specializes in the fields of leather, textile and ceramics (DTS) which are the prominent sectors in our region, I believe that our cooperation will bring us one step closer to our goal of internationalization. I wish the protocol we signed for joint scientific projects and the exchange of students and academic staff within the scope of this program be beneficial.

Rector of Sialkot University. Dr. SaeedUl Hasan said that ‘the universities are in a region where 99 percent of the companies are exporting, and as a university, we use their advantages’. Prof. Dr. Christi who declared they work closely with industrialists and find solutions to their problems also said that ‘we have good relations in university-industry cooperation which makes our university stand out. Since we establish a link between university and industry, we have the opportunity to meet the manpower they need. They prefer us instead of calling their employees outside.’

Projects that combine Fashion Design and Recycling will be implemented.

Adding that he was very impressed by the DTS Design Centre, Rector Chishti said, “Uşak University and Sailkot University will be able to cooperate in this context. I believe that we can thrive on the new cooperation. The fact that the DTS Design Centre has a connection with the industry and that its expertise in the field of design will fortify us. In Pakistan, most of the universities work in research, development, design and marketing of the design. Usak University all have all of the contents, therefore the presence of Uşak University in terms of business sector is very important not only in Turkey but also in Pakistan.

The availability of the companies in Pakistan, especially in Sialkot, in terms of talented people and cheap labour, will provide an opportunity for Uşak University. There is a point I should appreciate at Uşak University. That is, many of your designs are made by recycling the waste materials. Because most of the companies in Sialkot use a lot of waste materials when they produce the goods. If we can connect the industry with Uşak University in this sense, we can make projects that will greatly profit the companies in Sailkot, the environment and both universities”.

Rector Professor. Dr. Chishti, who thanked all Uşak University employees particularly Uşak University Rector Ekrem Savaş for the hospitality displayed, stated, “Everyone here is very kind, friendly and has good life energies. For this reason, we felt as if we were in our second home. Our government describes our relations with Turkey, ‘sweeter than honey, deeper than the oceans, higher than the Himalayas’. So we formed a nice bond here. We would like to welcome you just as you hosted us here.”

We Have A Large Export Volume In The Leather Industry

Sialkot University Advisor to the Rector for International Relations Hassan Waseemise explained the size of the industry in Sialkot and stated that only leather sector in the region exported 80 million dollars itself in 2017 and total export amount increased to 2.8 billion dollars in 2018. Dr. Waseem pointed out that the leathers exported are not the raw leather but the final products such as bags, jackets and he stated : ‘The companies in our region need more design. As a university, we had a meeting with the president of the leather-related association in Pakistan. He reported that he is especially very keen and excited about doing business with Turkey in the design centers. We propose that Uşak University and our university take over the leadership of this association and manage it together. With this cooperation between the two universities, major steps will be taken in the internationalization of design. We are strong enough to do that. In addition, the President of the Higher Education Committee in Pakistan has assigned our Chancellor Chishti to prepare a policy document to manage Pakistan's internationalization strategies. In this sense, we would like to work together with Uşak University’.